Structural Repair


Over a period of time, structures can suffer from environmental damage and from wear and tear, causing a decline in their overall appearance, their structural integrity and functionality. Maintenance and repair of these structures enhances their safety level and financial viability of their upkeep. BBV Systems possesses deep rooted expertise and research technologies regarding investigation and analysis methods to assess, evaluate, and propose appropriate repair solutions.

naprawa uszkodzeń konstrukcji analiza i naprawa uszkodzeń strukturalnych

In order to assess the stability and functionality of structures from prestressed concrete and in order to decide on the necessary repairs, non-destructive testing techniques are used. They enable the assessment of the condition of the rebar system, prestressing steel and the integrity of the concrete.

nieniszczące metody badania betonu analiza uszkodzeń konstrukcji

BBV Systems focuses on the repair of post-tensioned concrete structures. The scope of works includes:

  • Locating rebar and stressing reinforcement
  • Investigation and assessment of stressing reinforcement
  • Grouting of cavities in tendon ducts
  • Strengthening of structures by means of external tendons

BRIMOS monitoring system

BRIMOS is a non-destructive assessment method qualified to support conventional inspection approaches. BRIMOS provides superior solutions in an extensive array of structural diagnostic applications, such as:

  • Assessment of the current condition of structures
  • Maintenance and renovation planning
  • Traffic analysis
  • Quality control
  • Cable force control

The BRIMOS system enables the collection of data using the highest level of accuracy which is provided by the currently used monitoring technology.

nieniszczące metody oceny stanu konstrukcji z betonu ocena stanu konstrukcji