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systemy samowiercące
System application

Self-drilling system BB Drill is widely used in bridge foundations, hydro-technical works, stabilization of banks and slopes, tunnels' strengthening, anchoring sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls and pile walls, reinforcing existing foundations.

systemy samowiercące

The system consists of threaded bars with inner injection hole, couplers, spacers, drilling bits, anchor plates and nuts.

systemy samowiercące

The efficiency of the BB Drill System lies in its simultaneous drilling and injecting without the need for using casing pipes. Bar length (max. 3.0 m) and the simplicity of installation enable work in small spaces.

systemy samowiercące

System rods are the only rolled hollow bars are made of stainless and fine grain steel on the market. Bars have the entire length of durable trapezoidal thread. The relative rib area of the bar provides a sealing of a cement stone around the anchor, which guarantees crack width less than 0.1 mm.

BB Drill bar tendons with load-bearing capacity comparable with other tendon systems feature: smaller diameters which increase the thickness of the concrete lagging of the anchor, increased durability - as a result, the load-bearing capacity loss is reduced due to the limited level of corrosion of a tendon's cross-section, which is caused by a smaller contact area with the ground.