Geotechnics - Strand systems

Temporary ground anchors

The temporary strand anchor system is based on the European standard ETA 05-0202. Each strand within the free anchor length is protected by a single PE duct. Excellent bonding characteristic of the tendons are maximized through the introduction of internal spacers within the bonding length. Additionally, the transitional section between the free length and the bonding length is secured by sealing compound to prevent the ingress of grout into the free length.

Semi-permanent ground anchors

The semi-permanent strand anchor system meets the requirements for corrosion protection specified in table 2 of the European standard EN 1537:2002 "Execution of special geotechnical work. Ground anchors". The system can be used for extended temporary installation (up to 7 years).

Permanent ground anchors

The permanent strand anchor system is delivered as already pre-injected within the free anchor length as well as in the bonding length. The approved system ensures the most economic installation in cohesive or non-cohesive soil as well as in rock. The threaded wedge disc enables a load check and post-stressing.

Retractable ground anchors

The retractable strand anchor system enables to partially (BBV-PR) or even completely (BBV-CR) retract the tendons in different types of soil or rock. They can be designed for different working periods. The system is especially useful in circumstances where for leaving temporary anchors in the ground, expensive fees have to be paid or in places where it is difficult to obtain building permits for plots which share boundaries with the investment plot.