Design Department

The dynamic development of the design department at BBV Systems has been enabled thanks to the professional personnel and a wide range of services and activities on the Polish and foreign markets.


Precise optimization of the amount of prestressed steel at the implementation stage and the fact that we design not only prestressed structures make us different from other design offices. We always strive to address the most complex issues and provide expert assistance both during the design process and on the construction site.

The technical design and optimization process support is backed up with the modern Autocad Revit platform and modular FEM-SOFiSTiK software, which support the analysis and design of many different types of structures. We are able to offer project execution according to Eurocodes and many other approved standards such as DIN, ASTM, ISO, BS and PN.

Wide range of services

Tryton Projekt budynku Tryton

Design of engineering structures

The range of structures designed by our company includes:

  • Bridges, viaducts of any cross section and static schema (including arch, prestressed, cable stayed, suspension, extradosed, railway bridges and also footbridges),
  • High-rise buildings,
  • Industrial buildings - silos, tanks, industrial halls, windmills,
  • Special designs - unusual objects with a complex shape and purpose, (also technology projects for the lifting of heavy elements),
  • Tunnels - all methods of construction (bored, cut and cover, immersed, special methods),
  • Steel structures - bridges, halls, towers, masts, semi gantry cranes, welding consulting and other.

Tryton Projekt budynku Tryton
Tryton Projekt budynku Tryton

Our design office offers the following range of services:

  • Optimizing existing projects;
  • Independent verification of projects;
  • Preparation of a Detailed Design;
  • Selection of the optimum construction design;
  • Consultation on structure design;
  • Preparation of a Building Project Design;
  • Design / Build;
  • Repair documentation for engineering structures;
  • Technical assistance in the design of complex structures;
  • Technical assistance in the design of tunnels;
  • Analysis of "structural damage", assessment of structural failure's effects;
  • Consultation for welded structures;
  • Alternative design - redesigning structures (for example from composite bridge to prestressed bridge, also assessment of costs);

Tryton Projekt budynku Tryton
Tryton Projekt budynku Tryton

Qualifications and the range of standards

  • Professional license without any restrictions for the design of engineering structures;
  • Professional license without any restrictions for the design of bridge structures;
  • Qualified welder certification, International Welding Engineer (IWE / EWE);
  • " Our personnel regularly undergo training to meet EN, ISO, ASTM, DIN and BS standards. We also conduct our own research and experiments, which lead to the design-related development of standards and guidelines.

Tryton Projekt budynku Tryton

West and East Odins Bridge, Dania – project wykonawczy

Our goals:

  • Unrivalled design optimization - reducing the amount of materials used, reducing element size, the price of the structure;
  • Become a leader in the design and consultation of complex, challenging and non-standard structures;
  • Share our experience in both design and the execution of engineering structures;
  • Raise standards in design and introduce new technologies.